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Which Industries Are SS CNC Machining Parts Suitable For?

Which industries are stainless steel alloy CNC machining parts suitable for?

Stainless steel alloy CNC machining parts are widely used, mainly in the fields of automatic machinery and equipment, automobile industry, robots, medical equipment and aviation. Why is stainless steel alloy a common material in our familiar field?

Pinjin believes that stainless steel alloys may indeed have very good material properties, such as: low density, but relatively high strength; close to or surpassing high-quality steel, good plasticity, and can be processed into various profiles by CNC; excellent electrical conductivity, Thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

However, different industries have different requirements for stainless steel alloys. For example, in the medical device industry, it is generally required to comply with the RoHS declaration, and there are medical/food grade stainless steel alloys. Because medical devices ultimately serve people, common stainless steel alloys can negatively impact the functionality of the device.

Another example is the automobile and aviation industries, which not only have high requirements on the performance of the stainless steel alloy itself, but also on the machining ability and quality control ability of the stainless steel alloy cnc machining plant, because the precision of the parts is very high and the tolerance is also large. The industry is very tightly controlled.

Going around, if you have cnc machining requirements for stainless steel alloy parts in related fields, welcome to consult Pinjin, I believe you will have good results.