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Laser Cutting Of Metal Special-Shaped Plates

With the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the demand for personalized and customized products has gradually emerged, and metal special-shaped laser cutting machines have emerged as the times require, becoming the innovation engine driving this era of customization.

Special-shaped sheets are those metal sheets with irregular shapes, and traditional cutting methods often face fire challenges when handling these sheets. The metal special-shaped plate laser cutting machine provides a reliable solution for the precise cutting of special-shaped plates by introducing advanced laser technology and a five-axis motion system.

In daily cognition, most people know that there are oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture in the air. Anyone who has learned some basic knowledge knows that in addition to the above three gases, there are nitrogen, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, etc., as well as helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon and other rare gases. What is the purpose of these gases? In addition to forming the air we need to live in, does it have any other functions?

Of course there is. Now after various gases in the air are separated, they can be used in large quantities. Carbon dioxide can be used as a fire extinguisher, oxygen can be used in medical treatments, and nitrogen is an inert gas. Typically, most of the balloons we see flying are filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen not only makes balloons fly, it can also cut metal! Of course it is possible to cut metal because it is used in laser cutting machines. In addition to nitrogen, other rare gases are also used in laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting machine cutting can be divided into four categories: laser vapor cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting and laser scribing and fracture control. Laser melting cutting uses laser heating to melt metal materials, and then blows non-oxidizing gas (N2, argon, helium, etc.) through a nozzle coaxial with the beam, and relies on the strong pressure of the gas to remove the liquid metal and form a slit . Laser melting cutting is mainly used to cut some materials or active metals that are not easily oxidized, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and their alloys, etc., with high cutting quality.

Of course, in addition to using high-pressure nitrogen as the auxiliary gas for processing, high-pressure air can also be used as the auxiliary gas. There are differences between the two.

In fact, the cutting principle of air is similar to that of nitrogen. It relies on the energy of a laser to melt metal and uses high pressure to blow away the melt. During this period, some metal substances will be oxidized or burned, forming metal oxides on the cut surface. For example, gray solid A1203 (aluminum oxide), black solid Fe304 (black iron oxide), and CuO (copper oxide) are generated.

Air itself exists in the atmosphere. It is compressed into an air storage tank by an air compressor, and then filtered, cooled, and dried to remove water and oil in the air before it can be used. Because the air contains about 21% oxygen, it can make up for the lack of oxygen and nitrogen to a certain extent.

First of all, the medical laser cutting machine for special-shaped workpieces has excellent precision and flexibility. It uses a laser beam for cutting and is not limited by the size and shape of traditional cutting tools. It can easily complete the processing of various special-shaped workpieces, thereby meeting the customization needs of complex-shaped parts in different industries.

Secondly, the five-axis motion system allows the cutting machine to achieve more diverse movements when processing special-shaped plates. By simultaneously controlling the movement of five axes, the cutting machine can flexibly adjust the cutting angle and direction, making the cutting of special-shaped plates more flexible, precise and comprehensive. This multi-axis motion design allows the cutting machine to easily adapt to various special-shaped plates, improving production efficiency.

Metal special-shaped plate laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications, especially in construction, aerospace, art decoration and other fields. For example, in the construction field, it can accurately cut various special-shaped plates to provide more personalized service design for the building appearance. In the aerospace field, it can meet the customization needs of various aircraft parts and improve manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

However, although metal special-shaped plate laser cutting machines have played a huge role in the times, they also require some challenges. One of the customizations is the continuous innovation of the cutting machine’s own technology to adapt to the market to obtain higher precision and higher efficiency. At the same time, like other manufacturing technologies, its development in environmental protection also needs to be continuously improved to ensure that it While promoting industrial progress, it can also better adapt to the requirements of sustainable development.

Overall, the metal special-shaped plate laser cutting machine, as an innovation engine, provides key support for the arrival of the customization era. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, it is believed that this cutting technology will demonstrate its strong application potential in more fields and promote the development of the manufacturing industry in a more personalized and standardized direction.