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What are the advantages of five-axis cnc machining

During traditional 5-axis CNC machining, part waste can be caused by temperature or other machining techniques. Unlike ordinary metal machining, some rubber or plastic molds cannot be recycled after they are scrapped. For enterprises, five-axis cnc machining of rubber molds may greatly affect the net profit, but choosing five-axis machining of rubber molds shows many advantages.

What are the advantages of choosing five-axis CNC machining?

1. Extend the life of the pillar parts

Multiple cut layers can precisely demarcate parts of the upper surface of the impeller and blades. The ability of multiple cutting layers allows the blade’s toolpath to be split into top, middle and bottom, which can be controlled independently and then seamlessly blended between different cutting operations. The multi-cut layer support of the five-axis machining of the rubber mold allows for blade segmentation to optimize machining of the impeller surface area. Tapered barrel tool supports impeller machining. Compared with ball nose end mills, the surface machining speed can be increased by more than half, the surface finish is good, and the tool life is longer.

2. Precisely control the margin

Custom machining allowances can be used to adjust the allowance left by five-axis machining of rubber molds to precisely control the allowance for semi-finishing or finishing. This advanced feature is used by aircraft engine manufacturers with tight tolerances. Quality-guaranteed five-axis machining of rubber molds enables high-precision machining and flexibly compensates for the deformation of thin blades during cutting.

3. Provide higher machine tool utilization.

Not all five-axis cnc machining is carried out in five-axis machining centers, especially for large circular shells, shafts and other difficult-to-machine parts, five-axis cnc machining in turning and milling centers is an effective method. . Mill-turning is a technique for machining round or conical surfaces with special model features. These operations can successfully complete cutting jobs with a variety of tools, making mill-turn an ideal solution for roughing and finishing. Five-axis machining of rubber molds, which is very popular among customers, has good surface tolerance and precision.

Additionally, 5 axis cnc machining can position itself in many cases. Tool positioning is the primary factor to achieve high-precision machining of parts, and five-axis machining of rubber molds does not require high machining conditions. According to later statistics, it is found that its machining cost is even lower than that of ordinary machining methods.