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Matters Needing Attention In SS Alloy Machining Orders

What problems should be paid attention to in stainless steel alloy machining orders?

According to the quantity requirements, stainless steel alloy machining orders can be divided into batch machining and part machining, but no matter which machining service, some common problems should be avoided.

For example, in the process of stainless steel alloy machining, it is very important to program and process according to the customer’s drawing requirements. In general, directional things are wrong, and the work behind is futile. Secondly, in the machining of the inspection process, the inspection requirements are different with the different quantities. Parts machining usually requires that the parts must be fully inspected; for batch machining, the first piece inspection and sampling inspection of mass production are not omitted.

However, some people may think that if the batch machining sequence is exactly according to the drawing procedure and the first piece test is arranged, then there is no need for testing. However, Shenzhen

Pinjin has to tell you that this kind of thinking is wrong.

In addition, most stainless steel machining orders are post-machining requirements, commonly sandblasting and oxidation. Regarding sandblasting, the general customer will give the sandblasting type, and then the stainless steel alloy machining plant should pay attention to the depth of the blade when machining, because the sandblasting type sometimes depends on the depth of the blade. In the case of oxidation, special attention should be paid to the color problem, and the samples and color numbers of the customs should be carefully compared. If there is an obvious color difference, the parts must be reworked, especially if the customer has a clear request for color.