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3 Difficult Problems In Precision Casting And Stainless Steel Casting Industry

With the development of China’s precision casting industry, many precision castings can be completed independently, including some cylinder blocks, manifolds or steering wheels and doors on cars, which can be completed by casting.

So about precision casting, the problems of the stainless steel casting industry and the procurement logic, BE-CU.COM CEO HANPING said: casting flexibility, quality inspection refinement, and product precision are the three problems that limit the development of the industry. If it is an entrepreneurial company , it will take at least 1-3 years to complete this goal.

Casting is one of the oldest, most challenging and energy-intensive manufacturing processes, and the casting process includes melting, alloying, forming, pouring, coagulation and finishing.

Especially in the finishing step, many customers of precision casting enterprises require to remove the residual, sticky sand, oxide scale, etc. of the riser, and also require surface polishing treatment in terms of appearance, and cracks, cold insulation and even shrinkage are also now. Many precision casting buyers are more concerned about the details.

The energy efficiency of the foundry process can be improved by using new changes, such as the constrained rapid induction melting single-up casting process, but lean thinking is an area that many companies have instilled relatively empty. Lean thinking can be used to identify waste and analyze the foundry industry. Energy saving potential. This is very important for the development of the precision casting industry, and it is also a cultural gene for cost saving and greening the casting industry.

This brings new requirements to the precision casting industry. In terms of raw materials, it is best to use high-quality impurity-free alloy materials to prevent impurities from sticking to the hammer, which can solve the problem of hammer head stuck.

In terms of manual operation, always pay attention to the state of the nozzle, and properly increase the nozzle temperature to avoid the welding torch stuck in the gooseneck.

Looking at the purchaser, what kind of precision casting company is worth forming a long-term supply relationship?

First, it depends on the product range of precision castings and stainless steel castings of this precision casting company. Whether it is a large cylinder block or a small ship column, or toilets and washbasins used on ships, there can be enough ability to develop. It is even said that this precision casting company has the ability to invent new products on its own.

Second, enterprises should be relatively young, young enterprises are full of vigor, and they must have a more innovative way of thinking. No matter what kind of requirements, such precision lost wax investment casting enterprises can quickly come up with plans and provide quotations.

Third, it depends on the qualifications of the enterprise, not the qualifications. In the foundry industry, the ability is obviously the first. If there are enough products, there will be no problems that they cannot solve.

To sum up, with the continuous refinement of upstream products, the market has brought new requirements to the precision casting industry, and the logic of taking the essence and removing the dross is suitable for any industry. achievements in the field.